So this is yet another blog. A personal site. Definitely something the internet requires. Theoretically… one day, this site might be about things that I find interesting. Things like machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming, computer games and so on.

But it will probably just be like every other incarnation of neuronical.com … which is to say it will remain a platform for me to develop and test setting up web sites, content management systems and playing around with domain registrations etc etc.

It is basically my toy site. If you happen to find anything useful here… well… good. Consider yourself lucky.


Hello world!

Ah yes. Hello world indeed. This is perhaps the 10th time I have started a blog. Inevitably I end up not actually following through. This site has been through so many incarnations. Once it was a static html site. Then wordpress. Then drupal. Then wordpress again and again and again. At one stage I tried …