Block Editing: Gutenburg Editor needs some getting used to…

Is this inline $ \LaTeX $ working? Finally yes. For some reason the MathJax plugin stopped working and I reverted to the LaTeX2HTML plugin that works substantially better.

Can’t say I am a fan of this new editor in WordPress 5. Blocks popping up all over the place. Not sure I like the fact that each time I press enter I move to a new paragraph. Ah but at least $ \LaTeX $ is working. Not that I am going to type a whole lot of math but it is nice that at least I have that option.

Posting to a WordPress Blog from Word

Does it work? Registration seemed to have gone through fine… but can it publish?

More importantly, can it also accept pictures?

Great, that worked. Does it then also work when I add additional text? Or does this go to a new post? Hope not.

Fine, fine… it works… kinda. I can happily write the post in word. I can put in pictures. I can post, edit and then re-edit. All works fine and as expected.

Except, well, the default, free Twenty Seventeen Theme is doing something weird with the front page. It doesn’t display the picture of my lovely cat. Picture shows up fine when viewing the post in its entirety. Oh well. Not the end of the world. It is not like this is going to impact all my viewers out there.

Hello world!

Ah yes. Hello world indeed. This is perhaps the 10th time I have started a blog. Inevitably I end up not actually following through. This site has been through so many incarnations. Once it was a static html site. Then wordpress. Then drupal. Then wordpress again and again and again. At one stage I tried doing some node stuff – though to be fair that was tied to a different host on the same domain. Bottom line, do not expect anything from this site. It is not a reference for anything.

Theoretically… one day… this site MIGHT be about machine learning. There MIGHT be some useful information stored here. Some day. I actually do know a little bit about AI and machine learning and configuring databases and so on. Especially for use in financial services and asset management. And perhaps this is a venue where I can share some of my experiences. So we’ll see. Maybe one day.