Hello world!

Ah yes. Hello world indeed. This is perhaps the 10th time I have started a blog. Inevitably I end up not actually following through. This site has been through so many incarnations. Once it was a static html site. Then wordpress. Then drupal. Then wordpress again and again and again. At one stage I tried doing some node stuff – though to be fair that was tied to a different host on the same domain. Bottom line, do not expect anything from this site. It is not a reference for anything.

Theoretically… one day… this site MIGHT be about machine learning. There MIGHT be some useful information stored here. Some day. I actually do know a little bit about AI and machine learning and configuring databases and so on. Especially for use in financial services and asset management. And perhaps this is a venue where I can share some of my experiences. So we’ll see. Maybe one day.


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